The Seresto Collar comes in two sizes, Large and Small/Medium. The large collar is suitable for dogs over 18 pounds and above, while the small/medium collar is best suited for dogs that weigh between 8 and 18 pounds. The collar fits almost all necks as it has an adjustable buckle which can easily be adjusted to secure a snug fit. The large size measures approximately 28 inches in length and 1 inch wide, while the small/medium size measures 24 inches in length ad 0.7 inches wide.


When it comes to large Seresto collars, there are a few measurements you need to know. Specifically, the collar should measure 66 cm – 71 cm (26 inches – 28 inches) in total length and 5 cm – 7.5 cm (2 inches – 3 inches) wide. It’s important to make sure you have the right size for your dog, as it should be snug but not too tight.

Additionally, the neck size of your dog will also affect which collar you choose. Measure around your dog’s neck before purchasing a collar to ensure it will fit them properly. The neck size should match up with the recommended neck circumference of 66 cm – 71 cm (26 inches-28 inches).

Now that you know the measurements of a large Seresto collar, make sure to read the instructions before applying it on your dog for optimum results!


Seresto collars are lightweight and come in various sizes. The large size Seresto collar is designed for dogs of all breeds with neck measurements 18-26 inches. It is 8 month flea collar for small dogs 1 inch wide and weighs only 0.53 ounces, making it exceptionally lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The collar also has adjustable buckles that let you adjust the size to fit your dog’s exact neck measurement in order to provide maximum comfort and effectiveness of the product. This makes it easier than ever before to provide your pet with better protection!


When it comes to the material used to make a large Seresto collar, you’ll be pleased to know that it is durable and low-maintenance. The collars are made from a blend of polyester webbing and knitted mesh fabric. This combination makes them ultra-comfortable for your pup even on long walks or outdoor activities.

The collar itself is weatherproof, waterproof, and UV-resistant. This means that your pup won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable from heat or moisture during their activities! Plus, the lightweight material makes the collar easy on your dog’s neck and keeps them focused on their play time.

Overall, the material used for a large Seresto collar is incredibly well-suited for active dogs who are always on the move. It ensures that their safety needs are taken care of while they enjoy quality time with their humans!

In review

A large Seresto collar has specific length, weight and material measurements to protect cats and dogs from pests. Knowing the size of what you need ensures you choose the right protection for your pet.