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Madison Ngafeeson

01  — Business Professor,  Executive Trainer and  Leadership Consultant

Madison Ngafeeson, Ph.D

Dr. Ngafeeson is a business professor, an executive trainer, and a leadership consultant. He is the Founder and President of two leadership development companies, namely: LEAD Missions International and SuperiorLEAD, LLC.

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03  — Mentor & Minister.

Eliud Garcia

Eliud Garcia is an ordained minister and currently serves as the Executive Pastor of Freedom Life Church in Mission, Texas. He has made extensive trips to Mexico, South East Asia, the UK, Spain, and Germany to work on a variety of ministry and humanitarian projects as well as public speaking engagements

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05 —Motivational  Speaker, Youth and Gender Activist.

Gladys Viban

From situational speaking to thematic Speaking, to intentional motivational speaking, and guided inspirational speaking, Yaah Gladys Shang Viban’s mission is to use her voice as a tool for enabling people to break through self-imposed barriers so that they can unleash their total ‘beingness’ and ‘amazingness’.

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Goldin Martinez

09  — Social Entrepreneur and Founder.

Mr Goldin Martinez

Goldin Martinez is an Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur and Founder of, a nationally recognized youth organization that has empowered over 480,000 young people to read and exercise to enrich their lives. At 13 years old, Goldin Martinez fell in love with community service thanks to a local organization in his community of Washington Heights called Fresh Youth Initiative.

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Goldin Martinez

11  — Soccer Coach, Author & Podcast host

Eyong Enoh

Eyong Enoh is a soccer coach, podcast host, author, and sports and lifestyle consultant. He is the Founder of 4pballer, Co-Founder of Ballers in God (BIG), and Co-Founder of Aferverse. Eyong is the former vice-captain of the Cameroon Indomitable Lions soccer team alongside Samuel Eto’o.

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